Fix P8 Error in Gree Air Conditioner | Compelete Troubleshooting.

Fix P8 Error in Gree Air Conditioner | Compelete Troubleshooting.

Today I am going to talk to you about Gree AC’s P8 error. P8 error comes only in inverter-type units inside Gree AC. Inverter-type air conditioners have a PCB board which is divided into 3 sections.
man board, filter board, and driving board. There is an IC (IPM) inside the driving board. IPM IC stops working due to overheating.

That’s why we start seeing P-8 errors on the screen of our ac remote. And the external unit turns off.

Causes of P8 Error in Gree AC

Actually, this IC gets very hot. So this IC is tightened with a large heat exhauster by applying glue with a screw.
The main reason for this problem is that if the glue runs out from the top of the IC, then the heat of the IC does not transfer to the heat exhauster. So the IC gets very hot and stops working.
Due to this happening, again and again, the IC gets burnt. And we face a P-8 error.



  • First of all, we have to turn off the power supply of our conditioner.
  • Now we will open the outdoor unit of our air conditioner and open the control box inside it.
  • Remove the driving board from inside the control box.

(Note: maybe the drive board stores the electricity inside it. Discharge it first and then carefully open it with safety.)

  • IPM & PFC These two big ICs are mounted on the backside of the drive board.
  • After cleaning them properly, we have to apply glue again and stick it again in the same place with heat exhauster and tighten it.
  • Replace the IC if the problem is still the same.
  • Replace the drive board if the ac is in the same condition.


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