How to Reset Gree Air Conditioner

  Sometimes you face the issue with your Gree Air Conditioner, it stops working. Many times our Air Conditioner goes to recycling mood or in a laking condition so after some time it stops working. In this situation, we must have to reset our AC unit. What we should do in this condition?  How to […]

Refrigerant Types, Difference & Properties R22, R32, R410a, R290.

A refrigerant is a substance or mixture, in an aqueous form, utilized in air conditioners and refrigerators. In most cycles, it undergoes phase transitions from a liquid to a gas and back again. Air Conditioners contain the refrigerant inside the condenser coils.   Types of Refrigerants & Properties There are some refrigerants we describing here […]

What is R22 Refrigerant?

R22 refrigerant is one of the most ordinarily utilized refrigerants noticeable all around molding frameworks. R22 is the short name for the halocarbon compound CHClF2, which is utilized as the refrigerant. R represents the refrigerant. In the number “22” second “2” indicates the quantity of the fluorine iotas in the compound. The breaking point of […]