E3 Error in Gree Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide |

E3 Error Code Air Conditioner – Gree AC Error Troubleshooting.

E3 error basically gives an indication for the low level of refrigerant in Gree Inverter AC. In short the meaning of E3 error in Gree AC, Low-Pressure Protection, Refrigerant lacking protection, or Recycle mood.


Recycle Mood- Basically, if the refrigerant will be on recycling, the error e3 is not any sense. After completion of recycling, It will eliminate automatically.


Refrigerant Lacking Protection- Maybe sometime you don’t want to refrigerant lacking protection then you have to enter in the debugging mode using a wired controller and cancel the refrigerant making protection.


Gree AC Error Code E3 Troubleshooting.

Low-Pressure Switch- When your ac detect e3 within the 30s successively that the low-pressure switch stops under ON or standby state, the unit will report low-pressure protection. Maybe the fault occurs successively 3 times within 30min, the AC unit can’t be recovered automatically.

Refrigerant Lacking Protection- When the AC unit reports system refrigerant lacking within 10minutes
after turning on, AC will stop operation. If the fault will occur 3 times, the AC unit can not be recovered automatically.

Refrigerant Recycling Mode- If enter AC’s refrigerant recycling mode through special operation, E3 is going to be displayed. After exiting the refrigerant recycling mode, the code will disappear.



  1. If there is a Low-Pressure Protection error in the display, maybe there is a low level of refrigerant in your AC unit.
  2. It also a cause of the E3 error that your LPP switch is faulty.
  3. you have to double-check for your liquid valve and gas valve open completely.


Flow Chart of Troubleshooting:

E3 Error in Gree Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide |


Watch this-


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  1. (1) How can I determine if LPP switch is faulty?
    (2) How can I check whether if liquid valve and gas valve open completely?
    Please note that the both liquid valve and gas valve checks out with correct ohm reading 45ohm plus 2 ohm different with some. So I’m in range.

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