Trane AC E2 Error Troubleshooting | Trane AC 12MBH, 24MBH

Trane AC E2 Error Troubleshooting | Trane AC 12MBH, 24MBH

In this blog post, we gonna talk about the Trane AC E2 Error Code troubleshooting. If you are facing an E2 error in your Trane air conditioner 12MBH or 24 MBH, it means our air conditioner is icing over. We call it Anti-Freezing Protection.


Causes of E2 Error in Trane AC

First of all, we need to think about why our air conditioner units getting freezing up. The major reasons are here-

  1. The indoor fan motor not working
  2. AC air filters are dirty
  3. Dirty cooling coil
  4. Dirty condenser coil
  5. Low Refrigerant volume
  6. Faulty PCB


How to Fix E2 Error In Trane Mini Split AC?

  1. First of all, check if the indoor unit fan motor is working.  You can measure the fan capacitor ( if have one). Check the fan motor for a very low speed or if any bearing or bush problem. E2 will appear if the indoor fan motor is running at a slow speed due to any technical issue.
  2. Clean the indoor unit air filters if you find them dirty.
  3. Clean indoor unit cooling coil so the airflow runs smoothly.
  4. Using the water pressure pump, clean the condenser coil. Because sometimes condenser coils have a blockage of dust.
  5. Check the refrigerant pressure if have a low level of refrigerant, or have a blockage in the discharge or suction pipeline.
  6. Check whether the LPP switch is working or not.
  7. If you find all the things are good then in the end, you need to get repair the PCB board or replace it.



So the motive of the article is to give you some tips to find out the solution for the E2 Error in your Trane mini split air conditioner. As we already mentioned above step by step how to fix the problem, you must follow all these steps in order if you want to get rid of this problem. 


Hope you find the solution and fixed your air conditioner problem. If have any queries, you can comment below.


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