How to Fix E8 Error Code Gree Inverter Air Conditioner -2021

How to Fix E8 Error Code Gree Inverter Air Conditioner

what does e8 mean on an air conditioner?

E8 error code Gree inverter AC means the indoor unit Fan Motor failure. The simple meaning is that if the “E8” error will appear on your remote controller, it means the Indoor Fan Motor is not working or the indoor PCB board is faulty.


If the indoor unit does not receive a signal from the indoor fan motor for the 30s successively when the fan motor is operating, indoor fan motor malfunction will be reported. In this case, the unit can automatically resume operation after stopping.

If the malfunction occurs 6 times within one hour, the unit cannot be recovered automatically. Switch off the unit or re-energize the unit after cutting off power to eliminate this malfunction.



Indoor Fan Motor Failure Causes

  1. Because of the rust & broken bearing, the motor gets jammed. This is the common reason for the E8 error in the Gree inverter air conditioner.
  2. The connector of the motor is loose or not connected well to the PCB board.
  3. The indoor Main PCB Board is faulty.
  4. Another reason would be You didn’t energize the indoor unit.


E8 Error Code Gree AC Troubleshooting

  • Make sure both of the units have an electric supply. ( Check using a multimeter )
  • Change the bearing if broken or has rust in the motor. 
  • Test the motor using a multimeter if have the right value of ohms. 
  • Connect the connector properly to the PCB board.
  • Change the indoor Main PCB Board.



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