How to Find Panasonic AC Error Codes Using Remote Control

How to Find Panasonic AC Error Codes Using Remote Control

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Today we gonna talk about, How we can Check the error in our Panasonic inverter AC?
as you already know, that some Panasonic indoor units do not have displays. There are only 2 to 3 LEDs that are blinking only if the air conditioner having any malfunction.

So let’s find out the error code using AC Remote control.


Finding Panasonic AC Error Code Using Remote

So as you can see, this is the Remote Control of a Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioner.

How to Find Panasonic AC Error Codes Using Remote Control


  1. First of all, we need to make sure that the time in the display of our remote control should be stop blinking.
    ( you can’t function “Error Checks”, while the time blinking in the display. To stop blinking, press the “Clock” button on the remote control.
  2. We have to make sure that our remote control is in “ON” mode.  


So now we gonna find out the error code we suffering with.

  • So as you can see there is a ” check” button in the remote.
  • We have to press and hold this button for 5 to 10 sec.
  • Press this button using any pen, pencil, or whatever you can use.
  • Now you can see the display will be blank and only have two dashes.
  • Now as you can see there are arrow keys for temperature setup and the other one in the “Timer Section” also have up and down keys.
  • We will use “Up and Down” arrow keys from the timer section.
  • So as we will press the “Up-Down” keys, there will be some numbers you can see in the display.
  • Press again and again “Up or Down” keys until the remote control gives a beep sound.
  • As you have a beep sound in the remote, check what is the number in the display.
  • That would be your AC error Code.


Panasonic Inverter AC Error Codes

To find out the meaning of error codes, we need a complete list of Panasonic inverter ac error codes.

So here we are providing the complete list of Panasonic inverter ac error codes.


Panasonic AC “H” Series Error Codes List

H00– No Problem Found – Normal Operation

H11– Indoor to Outdoor  Communication Problem.

H12– Connection Capability Ranking Abnormal

H14– Indoor Ambient Temperature Sensor Faulty

H15– Compressor Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Faulty

H16– Outdoor Current Transformer Open or Short Circuit

H19– Indoor Fan Motor Malfunction

H23– Indoor Heat Exchanger Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Faulty

H24– Indoor Heat Exchanger Temperature 🌡️ sensor 2 Faulty

H27– Outdoor Ambient Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Problem

H28– Outdoor Heat Exchanger Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Problem

H30– Outdoor Discharge Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Problem

H33– Indoor to Outdoor Wrong Wiring (Check Connection)

H50– Ventilation Motor Problem

H51– Nozzle lock Faulty

H97– Outdoor Fan Motor Malfunction

H98– Indoor High-Pressure Protection

H99– Indoor heat Exchanger Anti-Freezing Protection ( Insufficient refrigerant or Air filter dirty)


Panasonic AC “F” Series Error Codes List

F11– Cooling / Heating cycle Changeover Problem

F91– Refrigeration Cycle Abnormal

F93– Compressor Rotation failure

F95 F96– Cool High-Pressure Protection IPM (power transistor) overheating protection

F97– Outdoor Compressor Overheating protection

F98– Total Running Current Protection

F99– Outdoor Direct Current Abnormal


Panasonic AC “S” Series Error Codes List

S01– Ambient Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Problem

S02– Indoor Coil Sensor (Tube Sensor) Problem

S03– Humidity Sensor Problem (Need to Repair or Replace indoor PCB board)

S04– Compressor Temperature 🌡️ Sensor Faulty

S05– Condenser Tube Sensor Faulty

S06– Outdoor Ambient Temperature 🌡️Sensor Faulty

S07– Outdoor Current Sensor Faulty


Panasonic AC “E” Series Error Codes List

E01– Communication Problem Between Indoor To Outdoor

E02– HIC Circuit Faulty (Compressor/Fan circuit)

E03– Outdoor Unit OTP Rom Problem

E04– Peak Current Cut-off

E05– PAM or Active Circuit Faulty

E06– Compressor Discharge Temperature 🌡️ Hight

E07– Indoor Fan Operating failure

E08– 4 Way Valve Switching Problem

E09– Refrigerant Protection Problem

E10– DC Compressor Drive Circuit Faulty

E11– Outdoor Fan Operating Problem

E12– Outdoor Unit Problem

E13– Freeze Problem (Icing Over)


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