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In This Post, We are describing here about the E1 error code in Gree Air Conditioners. E1 error code gives us an indicator for defected or faulty HPP Switch or High Pressor Protection.


Gree AC Error Code E1 Troubleshooting.

When the outdoor unit detects that the high switch is off For 3s sequentially, there will be higher protection. All Loads (except 4-way valves in heating mode) are going to be Closed. In this case, all the buttons and remote Signals are going to be disabled except the ON / OFF button Recover on your own Turn off the unit or Re-activate the unit after isolating it to finish Security.



  1. If there is a High-Pressure Protection error in the display, maybe your outdoor fan motor also faulty. The heat will not be exhaust due to not working fan motor.
  2. you have to double-check for your liquid valve and gas valve open completely.


Flow Chart of Troubleshooting:

flow chart of e1

Watch this-


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