[Magnetic] Effects of Electrical Current | Electricity |

[ Magnetic Effects ] of Electrical Current | Electricity |

Today we are learning about Magnetic Effects of Electric current In the previous Chapter on `Electricity,´ we tend to learn regarding the heating effects of electrical current. What might be the opposite effects of electrical current? We know that in electric current-carrying wire behaves like a magnet. Let us perform the subsequent Activity to strengthen it.
We see the needle is deflected. What does it mean? It implies that the electrical current through the copper wire has made a magnetic result. Now electricity and magnetism are linked to each other. What regarding the reverse risk of an electrical result of moving magnets? In this chapter, we will study magnetic fields and such electromagnetic effects.

We shall also study electromagnets and electric motors which involve the magnetic effects of electric current, and electric generators which involve the electric effect of moving magnets.
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Magnetic field and field lines – Magnetic Effects

A compass needle is, in fact, a small bar magnet. The ends of the compass needle purpose close to towards north and south directions. The other finish that points towards the south is termed the South Pole. Through varied activities, we’ve determined that like poles repel, whereas in contrast to poles of magnets attract one another.
The iron filings prepare themselves in an exceedingly pattern as shown fig. 13.2, why do the iron filings prepare in such a pattern? What does this pattern demonstrate? The magnet exerts its influence within the region encompassing it. Therefore the iron filings experience a force. The force so exerted makes iron filings to rearrange in an exceeding pattern.

The region encompassing a magnet, in which the force of the magnet can be detected, is said to have a magnetic field. The lines on that the iron filings align themselves represent field lines. Are there alternative ways in which of getting field lines around a bar magnet? Yes, you’ll be able to draw the sector lines of a magnet.

Some Other ways about Magnetic Effect

The magnetic effects of the magnetic field may be an amount that has each direction and magnitude. The direction of the field is in the other direction. Within it a compass of needle moves. The conference takes it. Its line lines come from the North Pole.

Merges in the South Pole. Inside the magnet, the direction of field lines is from its south pole to its north pole. These magnetic field lines are closed. The relative strength of the field is shown by the degree of proximity to the field lines. The area is much stronger. The area imposed on the pole of the second magnet applied is more. There is a crowd of fields there.
If the no.2 line did, it would mean that at the point of intersection, the compass needle would point towards two directions, which is not possible.
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Magnetic Field Due to a current-carrying conductor
In Activity thirteen.1, we’ve seen that electrical current through a golden conductor produces a field around it. In order to seek out the direction of the sector made allow us to repeat the activity within the following method

Magnetic field due to a current through a straight Conductor

What determines the pattern of the field generated by a current through a conductor? Does the pattern depend upon the form of the conductor? We shall investigate this with an activity. We shall first conductor the pattern of the magnetic field around a straight conductor carrying current.

What happens to the deflection of the compass needle placed at a given point if the current in the copper wire in changed? To see this, vary the current in the wire. We find that the deflection within the needle conjointly changes. It indicates that the magnitude of the magnetic field produced at a green point increases as the current through the wire increases.
What happens to the deflection of the needle if the compass is moved from the copper wire but the current through the wire remains the same? To see this, currently place the compass at a farther purpose from the wire, (say at the point). What change do you observe? We see that the deflection within the needle decreases.

Thus the field made by a given current within the conductor decreases because the distance from it will increase.

Right-Hand Thumb rule

A convenient method of finding the direction of field related to a current-carrying conductor may be a
Imagine that you holding current-carrying straight conductor in your right hand such that the thumb points towards the direction of the current. Then your fingers can wrap around the conductor within the direction of the sector lines of the field, as shown in Fig. 13.7. This is the proper hand thumb rule.
Current through a horizontal line flows in the east to west direction. What is the direction of the magnetic field at a point directly above it?

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