How to Reset Gree Air Conditioner

How to Reset Gree Air Conditioner


Sometimes you face an issue with your Gree Air Conditioner, it stops working. Many times our Air Conditioner goes to recycling mood or in a leaking condition so after some time it stops working. In this situation, we must have to reset our AC unit. What should we do in this condition?  How to Reset Gree Air Conditioner? Let’s see!


Types of Gree Air Conditioner

Gree manufactured lots of models and all types of air conditioner units like- Split type Air Conditioner, Window type Air Conditioner, Package Air Conditioner Unit, Concealed or Duct able Air Conditioner Unit, Tower type Air Conditioner, Cassette Air Conditioner, Portable Air Conditioner, Floor Consol, Water Chillers, GMV and many more.

All types of units have different ways of operating or resetting. We are describing below all the easiest ways to reset your Air Conditioners.



How to Reset Gree Split and Window AC?

How to Reset Gree Air Conditioner

So most of the time the remote control of Split Air Conditioners has a key to reset the unit. If you also have the Reset key in your remote control, then the first turn off your AC unit. Now press the reset key and hold it for 7-10 sec. until the Indoor unit gives a beep sound or buzzer, that’s it!

If you do not have the reset key in the remote control, then you can simply turn off your main breaker from the electric panel. After 1 minute turn on the breaker and feel free to use your renew settings of air conditioners. For resetting of remote control, just remove the batteries and re-plugin. 

Watch this video for more-


How to Reset Gree Package, Cassette, Concealed & Ductable AC?

How to Reset Gree Air Conditioner

For resetting these centralized air conditioners you can use the minute of a hole inside the remote control. Using any middle needle or little sharp stick, you can easily press this key for resetting the Air Conditioner unit.

If you don’t find the key in the remote control, now you must turn off the breaker from the electric panel and after a 1-minute switch on it again. that’s it!



How to Reset Gree GMV AC?

If there is a GMV type of air conditioner in your house or office, Because of some Error In Gree AC, the AC unit is in the condition of reset mood. You can try switching off the breaker and reopening it. If the problem is still the same you must have to do debagging of the air conditioner.

When you open the cover panel of the GMV unit, you see the backside of that panel has a big sticker. Just follow the instructions and complete the debugging process. It would be best if you call the technician to complete the debugging of your air conditioner.



How to Reset Gree Mini Split AC?

The mini-split types of air conditioners do not have any keys to reset the unit. So you can reset the Gree mini split air conditioner’s remote control. just remove the batteries and put them in again so you can use them well.




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