BTU Calculation | Measurement of Air Conditioner's BTU in the Room |

Measurement of Air Conditioner’s BTU in the Room |

Do you want to know about BTU in Home Air conditioners? Good! You are in a good place. It is very important for us to keep the size of our room in order to get air conditioners in our home. According to our house or room, we have to buy an air conditioner.
We have to hire professionals For The Calculation Of BTU. Professional tells us to do a measurement. If you want yourself, you can calculate it yourself at home. We are going to tell you the simplest and easiest way.

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BTU-British Thermal Unit

First of all, we need to know a little bit about air conditioners. Air conditioners in India are measured according to the tones.
While American countries are measured under BTU. British Thermal Unit is the full form of BTU. There are 12000 BTUs in a 1-ton air conditioner. We have to understand how many tons of air conditioners would be right according to our room. Then we will measure our room under BTU.

In India, You can watch this.


Area Calculation For Air Conditioner in BTU 

We must have an inch of tape to measure BTU. We can measure the length, breadth, and height of our room with the help of inch tape.

Length = 12 feet.
Width = 14 feet.
Height = 11 feet

Now we will multiply the length, breadth, and height altogether.
L-12  x  W-14  x  H-13 = 1848.0
Now for this room, you can buy 1.5 tonnes i.e. 18,000 BTU air conditioner.


BTU to Other Measurement  

  1. (1 BTU = 252 to 253 calories)
  2. {1 BTU = .293071 watt hours}
  3. [1 watt is approx 3.41214 BTU per hour.]
  4. 1,000 BTU hours = approx 293.071 watts.
  5. 1 therm = 100,000 BTU.
  6. 1-ton of cooling = 12,000 BTUs per hour
  7. 1 standard cubic foot of natural gas yields 1,030 BTUs