Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |

Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |

Noria air conditioner The CAPSUL W5. Cool and redefined. There is the best looks air conditioner in the world.


Noria air conditioner’s best thing is you can operate it with your phone. You have to install KAPSUL (noria air conditioner) app. Connect your KAPSUL with wifi network. Control your Kapsul from anywhere. Use the app to create schedules or turn on your Kapsul (noria air conditioner) before you get home. Smart connect to Google Home or Alexa. You can also control your Kapsul (noria air conditioner) with your voice.

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Noria Air Conditioner W5 Installation

This is the capsule w5 noria air conditioner.  it’s a hot sunny July day. Here in Philadelphia and then I’m gonna take this opportunity to show you just how to install the noria air conditioner w5 in a double-hung vinyl window. So let’s get started this. The window looks good but we’re gonna go ahead and measure just to be sure.

So take our tape measure we’re gonna and measure the actual window opening. So the smallest opening that is available. We have 25 inches sunny space. We’re good to go and then from this angle, we need at least nine and a half inches.

Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |




Now the window frame adapter is 10 inches high but part of that goes over the face of the window. So we don’t need to worry about it. But you do need nine and a half inches of actual space. So one of the things that makes capsule so unique is that it has a separate window frame adapter that you install.  

Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |


first super lightweight really easy to manage. But you have to assemble it to the right specifications for your specific window. So for this one side is together already.

So we’re gonna put together the other side.  I’ll show you how we do it.  First, we have these little guys which lot together in most normal window air conditioners. You have accordion flaps that keep the air out. These create a gap-free system where there’s no air getting in or out and they don’t rip their hardcore plastic.

Noria Air Conditioner Second paragraph

We all provide a guide that shows you exactly how many of these you need. On each side in order to fit your specific window. For this window, we need two on each side. so here’s what we’re gonna do. On the back of the window frame adapter the side that goes out the window. on the side, you’ll see this little tab. We’ll take the flat put it through this little gap.

Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |




So once you have this one in place just take the other one slide it over. If you have a larger window you’ll just keep adding and the required number that you need. Then put it down take the other piece that goes on the other side. Slide it over and through boom just like that and then you’ll see there’s a screw hole here. Screw hole on the bottom gets those secure basic Phillips head.

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Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |


This won’t move but you’ll still have a little bit of gives and the sides but it won’t come out. Then you’ll be ready to install. You wouldn’t adapter and the very first thing you’re going to want to do before installing.  Make sure that this gap where the lip of your vinyl window is going to go is the right size.


Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |


Final windows come in all shapes and sizes. So we’ve made this part adjustable and then you just screw it into place. Once you have the right size just like so and then we pull the window down into place. In this case, we do strongly recommend that you do adequately secure the window frame adapter with six screws. Because the two pieces are separate and the weight-bearing aspect of the window frame adapter requires screws. 


Third Paragraph Noria Air Conditioner

We’re gonna screw in here underneath boom-boom-boom them let’s do it. so for each fastener at the very first thing you’re going to want to do is drill a pilot hole. Once that’s done, take your screw to get it into place. Only five more times to go. So now I have all of my screws in place this puppy is super secure and I’m ready to move the unit into place. Now before I do that I just want to make sure that the gap or that the opening has full clearance. I want to make sure that all the locking tabs which keep the unit secure once it’s in place.

Noria Air Conditioner CAPSUL W5 | AC Installation |

I moved out of the way doot-doot doot-doot.  So that I have a nice clean opening to move the unit into. I’m gonna just pick her up cool somewhere in the place. We’re gonna use the four locking tabs. turn them 180 degrees to make sure the capsule can’t move in or out okay so now my capsule is fully installed safe and secure. And ready to go. And it is 90 degrees here. So I’m really excited about what’s about to happen.


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