Videocon Air Conditioner Error Codes Troubleshooting - 2021

Videocon Air Conditioner Error Codes Troubleshooting – 2023

This is the right place if you are finding the error codes of Videocon Air conditioners. All the Videocon air conditioner error codes are given below in a table with their meanings and marks. 

Videocon AC Error Codes With their Meanings








E0   Open the door fault  Blinking 3 times/ 8s 
df” or heat icon flashing Defrost Blinking 1 time/1s
E1 Outdoor tube temperature sensor problem Blinking 4 times/ 8s
E2 Room temperature sensor problem Blinking 1 time/ 8s 
E3 Fault in Coil temperature sensor Blinking 2 times / 8s 
E5 Indoor fan problem Blinking 6 times/ 8s 
E6 (EEPROM) Failed communication Blinking 6 times/ 8s
E7 External feedback problem Blinking 7 times/ 8s
E8 Overheat protection/ Defrosting Blinking 3 times/ 8s 


What are the possible reasons for the Videocon Air conditioner error codes?

The most possible reasons for the error codes in Videocon air conditions are:
Poor Sensors
Faulty Wiring
PCB boards problem

  • Also, after seeing the errors in AC, one should check all the sensors thoroughly to confirm if any of them are malfunctioning.
  • The PCB boards are that computer boards that are used for controlling the mini-split.
  • The bad PCB produces errors in reading the proper feedback related to the voltage from the sensors.

Note: The above-mentioned self-check information is generally applicable for most of the air conditioners by Videocon. But some might be are special and you should once refer to the User’s manual for more information to do contact to authorized maintenance serviceman or your dealer for help.  

How to troubleshoot the above-mentioned error codes?

  • First, check for all the sensor wiring to confirm that all of them are working fine.
  • In order to troubleshoot a unit, you should know the location of different sensors.
  • The information related to the location of units is available in the user manual as well.   
  • Also, test the resistance of each sensor.
  • In the case when the testing of sensors and wiring are showing good, most probably the PCB board has gone bad.  



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