AC not blowing cold air

Top Reasons Why AC Not Blowing Cold Air

With the rise in temperature every summer, air conditioning systems are no more a luxury. Instead, they have become the one-stop solution to beat the scoring heat of the sun and enjoy a comfortable stay indoors. Today, they have become a must-have device in every home as well as a commercial organization. With the aid of these products, you will be capable of sleeping properly in a pleasant environment. Nothing can make your day worse than a malfunctioning AC during the summer. At times, you might find that the device is working completely and yet AC not blowing cold air. 

After thorough research in the World Wide Web, we have come to the verdict that a wide array of users encounters such issues during the summer. There are a bunch of reasons why AC not blowing cold air. Take a look below to know more!!!



The Clogging of Air Filters – AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Your Air conditioning system might fail to blow cold air if you have not change the air filters for quite a while. The dirt, dust, particles and the contaminants, get accumulated in these air filters. It results in an interruption in the flow of air. Thus, the coils will be freezing over. It will lead to a wide assortment of issues such as blowing hot air, higher utility bills, a puddle. To overcome such an issue, you should change the air filters once every month.


Incorrect Setting of The Thermostat

The wrong setting of the thermostat plays an indispensable role in the blowing of cold air by the AC. In case you set the thermostat to a higher threshold, there are chances that it has not been turning on.

For instance, say the temperature is 24 degrees C. Yet, you have set the AC to 27 degrees C. So, you may not feel the cold air. The AC might also not cool in case it is set in the Auto setting, in place of ‘On’. Hence, you need to do your bit of research.

In the beginning, you should take a look at whether the shut-off switch is flipped or not. You also require checking the breakers and ensure that nothing is tripped off. Next to that, you should make sure to reset the thermostat. After this, the temperature will get reduced to a few degrees than before.

If the temperature in your home is 25 degrees C, you should set it to 20 degrees C. You will find certain changes in this way. After waiting for some time, check out the vents and see whether you can feel cold air. There are high chances that you can get rid of the issue by a simple reset.

Dirty Evaporators

If you are an owner of the air conditioning system, you might be aware of the fact that the evaporator contributes to being an integral part of the aircon. This integral part of the AC system assures the proper functioning of the device. It also plays an integral role in making your home cool. 

You need to keep in mind that the aircon will fail to confer an effective functioning in the absence of the clean evaporator, resulting in utmost discomfort during hot summer. Hence, it is a prerequisite to check out the evaporator after certain regular intervals to avoid any sort of hassles later on. 

Besides this, you should ensure to maintain the proper functioning of it regularly. As a regular user of the air conditioning system, you should make sure to clean the aircon after the regular intervals of 6 months to a year.



The Size of The Air Conditioner

You might find that the air conditioning system is not blowing sufficient cold air if you buy an air conditioner of smaller size for homes of large size. You should make sure to opt for an AC which is capable of cooling the whole of your space. In case you have a home of small size, you should make sure to pick compact models. Similarly, if you have a larger home, go for air conditioning systems of large size.

 There is no point in selecting a compact model for larger rooms as it might disrupt the performance capacity of the AC’s aircon owing to which it will not be capable of working properly. Likewise, the larger models are not ideal for compact rooms as it will cool the room excessively and there are chances that you will fall ill.



Damaged Compressor


A compressor happens to be an integral component of the air conditioning unit. It can maintain the refrigerant’s flow between the condenser and the evaporator. Hence, if this specific part of the AC system gets damaged, it will not be successful in imparting cool air. It is better to replace the damaged compressor in such cases.


Dirty Condenser

You need to check out whether the condenser, present in the outdoor unit is dirty or not. If you find that the condenser, within the outdoor unit has become dirty, you should wash it. If dust or dirt reaches in the condenser of the outdoor unit, it will take an excessive load in the ventilation of the air. As a result, the condenser will become overheated time and again.

Next to this, the compressor will be tripping more within no time. As a result, the air conditioning system will not be capable of conferring cold air. Hence, you should make sure that the condenser within the outdoor unit is clean. Hence, you need to clean the condenser with the aid of the water pressure.



Leakage in The Refrigerant

The refrigerant cycles are known to run within the air conditioner. The leakage in the refrigerant of the air conditioning system contributes to being a crucial reason why the device does not blow the cold air. 

You should refrain from using the AC if you are encountering a refrigerant leakage issue. If you hear any hissing noise, once the air conditioner starts, there are risks of leakage within the refrigerant. The problem can also be identified if the system seems to be frozen.



If The Blower Gets Blocked

If you fail to clean the air conditioner’s filter, it might result in the gradual collection of dust in the blower owing to which the blower will fail to throw cool air. It is recognized to be another vital reason why the air conditioning system fails to confer cold air. Besides this, there are risks that the fan motor, present in the indoor unit might be damaged.

 In case you feel that the air conditioner motor is not functioning, you can be ensured that the air conditioning system will not be blowing cold air. Apart from this, the speed of the AC motor will be slower. As the capacitor, present in the fan motor of the air conditioning system gets weak; it will be reducing the speed of the blower. The AC will fail to blow cold air in such circumstances as well.



Leakage in The Air Ducts

Air traverses via a series of air ducts before it reaches the rooms in the home. With time, air ducts will be sealed, as a result of which they will be losing the insulation. It causes leakage in the air. Owing to this, too much cool air will get escaped and the rooms will not get enough cool air.

As the cool air will escape, it will be challenging for the home for reaching the desired temperature. If the air ducts of the AC have become older, you need to schedule the inspection.



Faulty PCB and programming issues

Three-minute technical programming is present within the air conditioner. Once you turn the AC on, you need to wait for this duration in which electricity gets supplied to the outdoor unit. You need to wait until the compressor of the air conditioning system starts. If you try to change the mode of the AC with the remote control, you will find that the compressor is not operational.

In such circumstances, you might find yourself in extreme warm temperature. It is because the cold air will not be blowing, with the starting of the air conditioner. At times, PCB fails to supply electricity to the specific outdoor unit. Thus, the AC might not be successful in blowing cold air.

To ensure that your air conditioning system is working, you need to service and maintain them. Hence, you need to service it every three months for increasing the output and efficiency of the AC units.



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