What is the Cooling Capacity of an Air Conditioner?

Before buying air conditioners, it is very important to know “what is the Cooling Capacity of an Air Conditioner?” how many tons of air conditioners will be appropriate according to our room. How many tons of air conditioners will have such a capacity to get the heat out of the room as soon as possible? It is mandatory to have knowledge of this. If the air conditioner bought by us is not appropriate according to our room, then we can face a lot of problems.

 Let’s know what kind of air conditioner we will need for a place.





Air Conditioner Cooling Capacity

We talk about tons of air conditioning or cooling capacity in Watts. This corresponds to the flow rate in our analogy.

1-ton air conditioning = 12000 BTU / hour or 3517 cooling watt

A 1-ton air conditioner is good for 100sqft area of your room. if a minor increase in your room area, you can increase the star rating of your air conditioner. so that, for 200sqft area will use the 2-ton air conditioner. If there is 150sqft area, you can use a 1.5ton air conditioner. It is a standard value of this calculation. He almost all the things included in the calculation. Like Three of people in the room of 100sqft are, and computers or machinery heat and a small glass. Bcoz they all the things have heat so that. 


It is the rate of taking out heat at the rate of flow in liter/minute just like a tap. The higher the flow rate, the faster the tank will be empty. Similarly, more tonnage or cooling capacity will be faster AC cooling.

A large tap will empty the tank faster, similarly, a large AC  will cool a room faster.

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Why Is The Right Size Is Important For Air Conditioner?

An oversized AC can actually cool down at a high speed, but then if you have a fixed speed AC, then it will have difficulties in maintaining the right temperature because it is either on or off. By the time the thermostat felt the right temperature, it would have been cold. So this results in more cooling.

In the case of Inverter Technology AC, you still have the flow rate control and thus the rate of extraction of heat will be slow as the thermostat senses that the temperature is close to one desired.

If AC is underscored, it will not cool down the room because there is a lot to take out.



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