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Browser Homepage Setup- Content://



Browser Homepage Setup- Content://

Have you ever felt the need to change the homepage of your phone’s internet browser? If we buy an Android phone, then most of the brands in it give their own set of browser homepage for their promotion. This code ( content:// ) have the internal possibility of an Internet browser that allows users to set a homepage.

If you have not found a way to change the default homepage of your browser, you may need to go with the methods we have given below. Before changing your homepage, you should know about the settings. read carefully.



How to Change the Homepage of Android Web Browsers?

This code ( content:// )  defines the default homepage in your phone’s web browser. If you want to change it, there are some common ways. On most mobile phones, you can change the homepage of your browser as per the instructions are given below.


First, open the default “Internet Browser” app.


Click on the “Menu” button. The menu button is mostly on the upper-right side of the screen.

menu side bar - content://


Scroll down & Click on ‘Settings.’


Scroll and click “General Settings.”


Now click on the “Set Homepage.”


After clicking the homepage settings, you will have the “Other” option to enter the “URL manually.”


Enter the “URL” you want to set as the default page. Such as




“Save the Settings.” Now you can come out.



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If you cannot find that option because the manufacturer of the phone has hidden it,  you can use some other options given below-

  1. Open the website ( that you wish to set as your homepage.
  2. Press the “Menu” button.
  3. Save the page to your “Bookmarks.”
  4. Press the “Menu” button.
  5. Go to “Bookmarks & History”
  6. Find the “Site” that you saved, and tap and hold it.
  7. From the “Menu” choose there for “Set as Homepage.”

That’s it.


How to Change Homepage In Chrome Browser?

For Google Chrome, you might need to open the Search Engines menu to set a default page. Because there is a separate option for the setting of the homepage. 

Go to the Homepage of your Chrome browser and click the three dots option.


Scroll Down and Click on the Settings option.


Now Find and click on the ‘Homepage’ option.


Now you can click on the ‘Open This Page’ option.


Enter Here Your ‘Custom URL’ And Click ‘Save’ Button.



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How to Set the Default Web Browser in Android Phone?

Changing the default browser setting. have yo an android phone? let’s start!


first of all, Oper your android phone setting.


Find here Apps & Tap on the apps or application manager.


Look there for default apps. Swipe left to select ‘ALL’ apps.


Now, there look for the Internet Browser.


Open your default browser & find the ‘Launch or set as default’ button. Now Clear this setting. (Clear Data)


Now you can exit the menu after the setting. When you click on the link of a website, all the browsers in your phone will give you a notification for the set as default browser. You can choose any one of them for always.

Browser Homepage Setup- Content://


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Now you set the Google Chrome as your default Internet browser on your Android phone successfully. Similarly, you can switch between different browsers on your phone.




How to Add Custom ROM?

If you have trouble branding your phone beyond the web browser, then another option for you can be installed a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod, or DotOS.

These ROMs are community builds designed to be fast. They usually provide more features than standard ROMs coming with most smartphones. If you decide to do this, keep in mind that in some cases you can cancel the warranty of the device because most manufacturers do not like to have their customers modulate their device and OS.

By installing a custom OS, at the very least you will give some customer support. In addition, you should make sure that you trust in what you are doing.

You should understand that installing a modified OS on your phone requires a set of technical knowledge and I do not recommend it. But if you take this risk and succeed, you’ll enjoy more control over settings like content:// and your device as a whole.


Get rid of the Android Browser

If you find that some apps inspire you to send to the web browser installed by the manufacturer of your phone, and you do not really want to use it, but instead of other optional and easy customization options like Chrome, Opera, etc. , You can try to install an application called Better Open With.

It’s a free app for Android devices that gives you 100% control over the “open with” options. This allows you to choose the default app for browser, audio, eBook, email, PDF, video and other options and over-ride them with the settings you want.


My Recommendation
It does not have a set of features which you will find in chrome, opera, etc., but then full-size programs are less than 600KB. Yes, you read it right. Its total size is less than 0.6MB, and it works flawlessly with every type of website, even if its video streaming site or online newspaper, it just works.

My other suggestions would be Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. All of these come with a full set of powerful features, with multi-device and multi-account sync functionality.






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