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There is Some kind information about this (Content:// code. If you can’t find the way to change the homepage of the default browser. Now you might need to go with the ways which we provided below. Before Changing The setting of your homepage, you must know about this setting. There is a way to use in Android devices. Before that, You must read carefully.

Content:// This is a code For set a browser homepage as default. We use this code to set our browser by default. This code is the internal possibility of an internet browser that allows users to set a homepage. We have a variety of browsers. In such a circumstance, we often require a browser as the default one.

Almost all over the world using the internet for there works.   For which we have to browse frequently In such a situation, we need many browsers. Mostly the browsers send us the notification for set the browser as default. We use this code (content:// for default browser setting or default homepage.

 The Google search page is opened as the default home page on most browsers. What if you want to change it and want to use something else? Well, the answer is very simple and it is completed quickly. When we set the default Internet browser, this content is being updated: //

Mostly you permit the browser to set as default. In the future, you need to change this default setting into another browser. how could you set other browser as a default setting? The way is given below:

Setting a Homepage on Internet Browser – content://

Open the Internet browser that you are using right now to et as default.

  • search there three dots menu option on the page.
  • in the menu click on Settings.
  • Now find out there,  the General Settings.
  • In the General setting, you have to find the ‘Set Homepage’ option.
  • Tap there and enter the URL(content://
      that you want to set as the Homepage.
  • That’s it. Now you can Exit the Settings.




This is how you can set the Homepage on Android Internet browsers. For Google Chrome, you might need to open the Search Engines menu to set a default page. Because there is a separate option for the setting of the set as the default browser. Chrome AC Compressor

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Set Homepage in Android Phone – content://

Changing the default browser setting. have yo an android phone? let’s start!

  • first of all, Oper your android phone setting.
  • Tap on the apps or application manager
  • look there for default apps.
  • Click on the default apps option.
  • Now, there look for the Internet Browser.
  • Then, you can select Google Chrome from the list. You can select any other that you want to set.
  • Now you can exit the menu after that setting.

Now you set the Google Chrome as your default Internet browser on your Android phone successfully. Similarly, you can switch between different browsers on your phone.

If you are not sure to set that setting by reading the blog, you can watch this video. That will be helpful for you!


Searches In The World – content://

Do you know that the search for this keyphrase in the whole world is one million approx? 2.5caror peoples are searching (content:// from the United Kingdom in just one month. 1.9cror time searches on Google in a month from the United State of America. Russia also searches it on google 1.2cror time in a month. This key phrase is also searching on Google in India. In a month, The searches quantity is 30 thousand. Chrome AC Compressor


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