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Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air but running | [ 10 Reasons ] |



air conditioner not blowing cold air
 Is your Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air? Things to Check Before You Call for an Air Conditioning Repair. If your air conditioner is turned on but the cold air is not blowing, then there are many reasons for this.
You must handle the situation at home if your AC will not blowing cold air. Do not call immediately for the technician. Until the arrival of the AC technician, we have to feel the heat.
Try These Some tips at your home Before Your AC Repair. If your Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air then you should also take care of some things.

Block- A ( Try At Home)


1) Temperature and thermostat setting.

If your Air Conditioner not blowing cold air but running, You can remember these things. The temperature of your air conditioner should be less than the room’s temperature.

If we set the temperature of our air conditioner 24 ° C to the remote. Then the thermostat of our air conditioner will sense the room temperature. And if the temperature of the room is high then the air conditioner will blow cold air.

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air but running | [ 10 Reasons ] |

Such as: If the temperature of your room is 25 ° C And you have set the temperature above 25 ° C (27 ° C) in the air conditioner. Your air conditioner will not supply to the compressor. Then You will Say, Air conditioner not blowing cold air but running.


2) Indoor Unit Dirty Filter – Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air but running | [ 10 Reasons ] |

 Do you know that we have to clean the filter of our conditioner every month? We often do not clean the filter of our air conditioners. The filter is totally blocked when it gets messy.

The air is not crossed by this. Then we have to face the heat. We should clean the filter every two weeks. The filter must be clean once in less than one month. Now, you don’t need to hire an AC repair technician.


3) Blocked Blower- Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air but running | [ 10 Reasons ] | 

If we do not clean the filter of our air conditioner at the right time, the blower of our air conditioner will become dirty. The flow of air also gets reduced.
If we do not clean our air conditioner at the right time, then our air conditioner increases the chances of getting dirty smells.


4) Outdoor Unit Dirty Condenser
The outdoor unit of our air conditioner should also need to check by us. Even if the outdoor unit’s condenser is dirty, we feel less cooling. If the air conditioner’s condenser is messy then he will have to take more load in his work.
We should always keep our air conditioner condenser clean.

If your ac not cooling, You can also clean your air conditioner condenser yourself. But keep in mind that you should not break any part of the Unit.


5) Air Conditioner Is Under Capacity
AC Installation is also causing your ac not cooling in the house. Before AC installing the air conditioner in your home, we have to see what is the size of our room. We can put 1 tonne of the air conditioner inside the space of 10/10 feet (100sqft). If The Room Size is Large, Your AC will not capable to cool your room. you will feel Uncomfortable. 

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air But Running.

6) Leakage in the Room and Ducting
When we start the air conditioner, it is important to keep in mind that all windows and doors in our room should be closed. If there is a leakage in our room, then cooling will not be possible. Similarly, if your ducting is leaked from anywhere, you will not get airflow.


Block- B ( Call For AC Technician )


7) Refrigerant leakage – Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

Refrigerant cycles run inside the air conditioner. if our Air conditioner not blowing cold air but running, the main reason in the refrigerant is leaked from the unit. Even if the air conditioner is operational, the cold air is not blowing. And you checked the filters, blowers, and condensers. You must hire an AC Technician to repair your AC immediately.

Recognition of the lack of refrigerant

  1. You will hear a hissing noise as the air conditioner starts.
  2. Your air conditioner may appear frozen on the ground.

If you feel that your air conditioner is giving cool air, it will take a long time to cool your home. If you get a leak, or you have any doubts, but it is not sure where to look, immediately stop using your air conditioner. And call the technician immediately.

Note: If your air conditioner is getting a refrigerator leakage, then you should not try to fix it yourself. There is special training to repair it. Only the professionals will Fix it.


8) Air Conditioner PCB Programming-Air conditioner not Blowing cold air

There is 3-minute technical programming inside our air conditioner. When we are turns on the air conditioner, we have to wait for 3-minutes. Bcoz Indoor unit takes up to 3-minutes for supplying electricity to the outdoor unit. 

If we do not wait until the compressor starts. And if we keep changing MODE of AC with your remote control, our compressor will not be operational. In such a situation, we will have to cope with warm temperatures and sweat. Bcoz the cold air does not blow as the air conditioner starts.
There is a programming in the air conditioner’s PCB, which supplies the compressor to the compressor within 3-minutes. The compressor gets the start. And we start to feel cold air.


9) Maintenance
If we have to use the air conditioner for a very long time with correct dates, then we should do service and maintenance at the time. Make sure your air conditioner will service every year before starting it.
After servicing, your electricity bill amount will also reduce.  You should feel the chillness in the air after servicing. Sometimes some birds make their nests in the Air conditioners. If you turn on your air conditioner without service, it can be harmful to you. Like fan blades can break. The wires can burn bcos the bird or rates cuts the wire. You can get a dirty smell.


10) Some of  Technical Fault- AC Not Cooling

Our air conditioner also has some technical fault. You can not understand this. The technician should call for the diagnosis and the AC repair.
 Mostly the problem we are facing is below:
Burning of  Wire
Often the compressor wire is burned inside our outdoor unit. The terminals of compressor and wire are connected by thimbles. Ofen Thimbles are burnt. Then the supply of our air conditioners is stopped.
By which the refrigerant’s circulation will be stopped. At this situation, you can say that our air conditioner not blowing cold air.

Capacitor week
We use the capacitors to run the air conditioner’s compressor. After a few years, the capacitor becomes weak. it is cannot bear the compressor’s load. Because of this, our AC does not do the cooling.
PCB Fault
If our AC’s PCB coil stops working, the indoor unit will not be supplying the energy to the outdoor unit. Because of this, our AC will not blow cold air. Now you have to call for an ac repair technician.
Compressor Dead
Often our compressor gets grounded or dead. Or it becomes less Pumping. Even then our AC cold air will not blow.
Outdoor motor not working
If our outdoor unit’s motor has jammed. So our AC condenser’s heat will not be able to retire. This will harm our compressor. the compressor will heat over. In such a condition the compressor will Trip every minute, which will not become cool your room. In this situation, you need to call for AC repair.
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